Insulated Renders

SPMS Insulated Renders are the Rockwool Approved RockShield External Wall Insulation Specialists in the UK. We cater to our clients across England & Wales.

External wall insulation is the provision of insulation onto the external fabric of a building protected by a specialist render. There are many benefits to this method of insulation. Low U-Values for walls can be easily achieved using external wall insulation on both new build construction as well as refurbishment work.

By utilising external wall insulation, the risk of interstitial condensation is reduced as the wall structure is protected from extremes of temperature.
Rockwool Rockshield Systems use the highest quality materials to produce a high performance external wall insulation. The system consists of a high density, external wall-grade Rockwool insulation board, protected by a specialist Rockshield render. The insulation also buffers the render from movement reducing and potentially eliminating the requirement for expansion joints.

Block walls

Block walls are suitable for use in buildings that are continually occupied and require heating for large parts of the day – such as hospitals, student accommodation and nursing homes etc. The most efficient way of insulating such a building is by placing the insulation on the outside, thus placing the thermal mass on the inside. The internal block work then acts as a heat sink, storing heat in the day whilst radiating it at night, allowing the heating system to run at its most efficient. Research has proven that this is the most economical way to heat and insulate these type of buildings.

Metal frame systems

The Rockshield Metal Frame System has been developed to meet the specific demands of the National House Builders Council, NHBC. It is intended for use where lightweight metal frames are incorporated within a pre-cast concrete structure. The Rockshield Metal Frame System brings a totally fire safe solution to the market utilising products with vastly superior fire properties.